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The Things They Carried Good Form Summary Page 1

  • OK, listen up, because Tim O'Brien is about to make your brain explode again.
  • He tells us that while he is 43, and a writer, and was a foot soldier in Vietnam, everything else in the book is made up.
  • The young man he killed on the trail outside My Khe? Made up. Tim didn't kill him. He was just there.
  • Except that even that is made up.
  • Tim says that story-truth, or how something felt, is sometimes truer than what actually happened, or happening-truth.
  • The happening-truth is that there were a lot of bodies, and Tim never looked at them. And now, with stories, he's giving those bodies faces. He's making himself feel again.
  • So when Kathleen asks him if he's killed anybody, he can truthfully say that he has, and truthfully say that he has not.
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