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Thirteen Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why
by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why Assignments & Activities

Available to teachers only as part of the Thirteen Reasons Why Teacher Pass


Thirteen Reasons Why Teacher Pass includes:

  • Assignments & Activities
  • Reading Quizzes
  • Current Events & Pop Culture articles
  • Discussion & Essay Questions
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  • Related Readings in Literature & History

Sample of Assignments & Activities

Objective: Understatement: Our girl Hannah is pretty upset when she records the tapes that tell us her story. In fact, she's hours away from choosing to end her life, and that definitely has an effect on how she sees the world, ho...
Objective: The proverbial wall, not the actual bathroom wall that is surely covered with writing of a less-than-savory variety. This activity covers some sensitive material, so "handle with care" applies here. Sex, parties, suicid...