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Thor and the Jotun Geirrod Resources


Viking Mythology

This website illustrates the Norse myths with cool medieval manuscript images and late-19th-century wood cuttings. Plus, it includes a list of Viking movies. Skoal!


Dr. Karl Siegfried's blog about Norse mythology includes a link where you can email him with any burning questions. Like why Grápr decided to take a pee in the River Vímur.

What Was it Like to be a Viking?

Interested in learning what Thor might have seen when he walked into Geirrod's hall? Check out the BBC's guide to all things Viking.

And if You're Really Into Vikings…

Maybe you should consider becoming a member of Hurstwic, a living-history organization focused specifically on Viking weaponry and warfare.

Movies and TV

Thor (2011)

Just like he does in the myth of Thor and the Jotun Geirrod, Thor, here played by Chris Hemsworth, must battle frost-giants allied with Loki.

Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers (2011)

Is Loki a bad guy or just misunderstood? This four-episode animated TV series from Marvel promises to show you a kinder, gentler side to the villain.

Historical Documents

In Praise of Thor

Feeling ambitious? Try making your way through Eilífr Goðrúnarson's Þórsdrápa, or "praise poem for Thor." It's our earliest source for Thor and the Jotun Geirrod.

Snorri Says: Skáldskaparmal

If you don't feel like wading through Þórsdrápa, Snorri Sturluson provides a much more accessible version of the story in his early-13th-century collection of poetry and poetic terms. The encounter with Geirrod begins at Stanza 18.


Even Better Live

Watch the trailer for Thor here.

Viking Epic

This five-part documentary series from the BBC explores the history of the Vikings. But make sure you have lots of time on your hands before you sit down to watch: It's as long as a jotun is tall.


D'Aulaires' Norse Mythology

D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths includes beautiful illustrations to accompany the (sometimes very imaginative) retellings of Norse mythology.

The Norse Myths

Young-adult fiction writer Kevin Crossley-Holland turns his hand to Viking legends in this collection, which includes a useful general introduction to Norse mythology and culture.

How it All Began

Want to know where our stories of the Norse gods and giants come from? Read the Poetic Edda, one of the very earliest written sources for them.

Get All the Dirt

Early-13th-century author Snorri Sturluson fills in a lot of gossipy details left out of the stories recounted in the Poetic Edda. Plus he adds some stories of his own—not bad.

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