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Thor and the Jotun Geirrod Trivia

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When Thor gets to Geirrod's place, the giant leads him into the goat house… or does he? Scholars actually disagree about whether the manuscript reads gesta (guest) house or geita (goat) house at this point. (Source.)

In the original version of this story, the 10th-century poem Þórsdrápa, Thor's companion on his journey is not Loki; it's his servant, Þjalfi. (Source.)

Wondering who the hero is? The title of the original version of this story, Þórsdrápa, means "praise poem for Thor." (Source.)

You say potato, we say potahto. And if Þórsdrápa were an ancient Greek poem, it would be called an encomium, which is a lyric poem celebrating someone's achievements.

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