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Those Winter Sundays

Those Winter Sundays


by Robert Hayden

Those Winter Sundays: The Big Picture Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Those Winter Sundays? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What is this poem about?

Romantic love
Familial love
The changing of the seasons
Q. What did the young speaker think of his father?

Best dad ever! #1!
He had mixed feelings
He liked his mom better
Trick question: he was a clone
Q. What does the speaker come to understand when he’s older?

His father expressed his love for him through work
His father never loved him after all
That people may live and die but the seasons will always change
The importance of dressing warmly in wintertime
Q. Who drove out the cold?

Santa Claus
Central heating
The mother
The father
Q. Did the speaker ever get to tell his father about his change of heart?

The poem doesn’t say for sure
He tried to but was intercepted by extraterrestrials who then wrote this poem