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Those Winter Sundays

Those Winter Sundays


by Robert Hayden

Those Winter Sundays Resources


The Academy of American Poets Presents…Robert Hayden

An encyclopedia-ish intro to the poet’s life and work.

The Poetry Foundation on Hayden

A more in-depth and detailed intro to the poet’s life and work, if you're feelin' fancy.


An Animated Version of “Those Winter Sundays”

Check out this super awesome short movie, if you need a little visual inspiration.

“Those Winter Sundays” in the Poetry Out Loud Finals

Competitive poetry reading…what could be more nerdily awesome? Sign Shmoop up.


Hayden Reads “Those Winter Sundays”

Dude has an awesome reading voice.

Hayden Reads “Middle Passage”

Check out this long poem about the slave trade. Hayden was well-known for writing poems about Black history, in addition to his more universal stuff.


Mr. Hayden

He's rockin’ some hipster specs.

Forever Hayden

Hayden and poet friends immortalized by the USPS. Shmoop definitely has a few of these in our collection.

Articles and Interviews

Deep Thoughts on Bob

Courtesy of some super-smart, elbow patch-sporting professors.


Collected Poems

Can't get enough Hayden? This book's just the ticket.

Robert Hayden: Essays on the Poetry

Check out what some smart folks have to say about our guy.

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