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What’s Up With the Title?

As far as titles go, “Those Winter Sundays” feels a bit old and worn to us. It’s like the speaker is looking back on those dark, chilly Sundays, many moons ago, when he was just a sad wee lad.

There's also a definite sense of repetition here. There wasn’t just one cold winter Sunday that the speaker and his family lived though. There were probably hundreds of them. And they were all equally wintry.

And those winter Sundays don’t exactly seem joyous. In fact, they sound like a huge drag. We feel like the speaker says the title with a big sigh. Those winter Sundays may have been important to the speaker, but not because they were filled with hot cocoa and cheery times by the fire. Just the opposite is true, actually. He remembers them for their coldness and their quiet.

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