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Those Winter Sundays

Those Winter Sundays


by Robert Hayden

Analysis: Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Hayden says that “Those Winter Sundays” is based on his childhood in Detroit (source), which makes sense because Detroit is freezing. Seriously, the record low for December is -21 degrees. Brrrr (source).

Hayden was born with a very different name. Asa Bundy Sheffey, to be exact. We're thinking Robert Asa Bundy Sheffey Hayden was probably too long to put on the cover of his book. (Source.)

Blame it on the glasses. Hayden was super nearsighted, which means that sports weren't an option for him growing up. So he became a bookworm instead of an athlete, and one thing lead to another and bam! he's Poet Laureate of the United States of America. Not too shabby. (Source.)

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