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Thoth's Clique: Bookworms

These guys just love to read. If it's in a book, they've got their nose in it. Or in Thoth's case, their beak.


Just because a guy's a centaur doesn't mean he can't love reading. Chiron was smarter than most of his half-man, half-horse relatives, and became a great teacher to Greece's greatest heroes. After Heracles accidentally killed him, the Olympians put Chiron in the sky so he could keep teaching. His late book fees at the Athens library must be unreal.


This Norse god of everything smart doesn't need more than one eye to read. He's also got two ravens for study buddies, to help him remember what any particular book said.


Most people know Isis's quiet, Goth-dressing sister as the lady of death and mourning. She's also an avid reader. Ancient Egyptians called her "The Lady of the House of Books," and sometimes equated her with the goddess Seshat, one of Thoth's girlfriends.

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