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Thoth Photos

It's Me!
I'm a baboon and an ibis. Yep, I can be either. Depends on my mood. [Reproduction of a seal impression from a scarab of Thoth, Late Period (ca. 646-342 BCE)]

Way Better than Phoenix Core and Holly Wood
Check out this magic wand, carved from a hippo's tusk. See me sitting on the left side with my own magic wand made out of a real live snake? Ollivander never made wands this good. [Magic/apotropaic wand with carved gods, New Kingdom (ca. 1800-1600 BCE)]

At the Office
Writing down the verdict as Anubis weighs the hearts. Looks like Ammit won't be having lunch today! [Line drawing from an unknown Book of the Dead, reproduced in Illusterad Verldshistoria by E.A. Wallis Budge, 1875]

Darting through Denmark
It was easy to sneak through the National Museum with my little ibis legs! All I had to do when someone looked my direction was stand perfectly still… [Wooden ibis, Late Period (ca. 685-323BCE)]

Monkeying Around
Enjoying the sights in Paris as a sacred baboon. [Faience, gold, and silver baboon inscribed with the name Horhotep. Ptolemaic Period, ca. 332-30 BCE]

Scribal School
Nebmerutef was so happy I taught him how to write that he made two statues showing everybody what class was like. [Two stone statues of Thoth in baboon form, next to the royal scribe and lector-priest Nebmerutef as a seated scribe. Stylistically dated to the New Kingdom, Dynasty 19/Ramesside period (ca. 1250-1100BCE)]

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