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Thoth's Wall


posted a link.


Wow, these are HARD!

You're not kidding, Ra. And I thought I knew everything. I'm stuck on number 72.

Finished the 100 set weeks ago. I'm already working on the Roman levels.

Of course you are. Showoff.


Someone smarter than you, Isis? Going to make a snake to bite Thoth so you can steal his knowledge, too?

Just shut up.


So, about those games we played, I wanted to ask a question.



You won five games. What was it you wanted if you won, again?

For each game, I wanted one day's worth of time.


So you want five days from me.




So Nut's children can have birthdays.


Oh, that sounds like a good reason. I'll send them right over. Just don't tell Ra.

Wow, we agree about something, brother?

Funny how that worked out, huh?


Don't tell me what?


Thoth! Help! You've got to help me.

Anything I can do?

A scorpion has bitten Horus the Younger, and he's turning purple and running a horrible fever! And I can't find the scorpion to figure out an antidote. This is terrible!

likes this.

Seth, be nice. Isis, what can I do to help?

Can you ask Ra to stop the Boat of Millions of Years, so I can find the scorpion before sunset?

Stop the boat? But that will stop time.


I'm not sure Ra's going to be willing to do that. You know he's close to Seth.

 likes this.

You stay out of this, Seth. Listen, Thoth, if you can't help me, and Horus dies, Osiris is going to be very angry. And you know what happens if the Lord of the Dead gets angry.

Zombie apocalypse. Right. I'll talk to His Majesty right away.

Pharaoh Horemheb

Great Master, Holy Ibis, I finished writing the new legal code for Egypt! Want to read it

Cutting off noses? O.o


Well, that way, everybody knows they're criminals, forever.

But I like noses. I mean, look at mine. They CALL me "the Nose," for Ra's sake.


I didn't mean to offend you, Great Lord. How can I make amends?

Rewrite it. The noses stay attached.

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