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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


by Alexandre Dumas

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty-Seven: Means for Classical Tragedy Summary

  • Milady milks the moment before continuing her story. She says that her captor entered the room with an executioner who branded her with the fleur-de-lis. She ignores Felton’s demands to know the identity of her captor as she bares the brand on her shoulder.
  • Felton is completely enthralled. He falls to her feet, begging her pardon for having been her jailer. He kisses her feet.
  • Felton asks again for the identity of her persecutor. Without saying the name aloud, Milady implicates the Duke of Buckingham. Felton swears to kill him.
  • Milady explains Lord de Winter’s was furious that his brother had married a penniless girl. She says that her husband knew her story and had sworn to kill Buckingham, but had died before he could do so.
  • Milady again pretends to despair and demands the knife.
  • Felton refuses; he swears she will live with honor. He swears the two of them will live and die together, and kisses her.
  • The guard knocks on the door. Felton opens it, only to hear that his desperate cries on behalf of Milady had summoned both guard and sergeant.
  • Milady runs over with the knife, demanding to know why Felton has a right to prevent her suicide.
  • Lord de Winter overhears and begins laughing. He tells Felton there’s no way Milady will go through with it.
  • (Well, that was as basically a triple-dog-dare-you to the woman!) Milady, understanding that she has to give Felton proof of her intention, stabs herself.
  • Except she stabs herself in such a way that it hits the underwire on her bra.
  • Felton is upset and grabs the knife. Lord de Winter orders him to go, and then send for a physician.
  • Felton leaves with Milady’s knife in hand.

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