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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


by Alexandre Dumas

Porthos Timeline and Summary

  • D’Artagnan uncovers the secret of Porthos’s half-baldric. They decide to settle their differences with a duel.
  • Their duel is interrupted by the Cardinal’s Guards. The two men bond as they fight them off.
  • When helping to recover the diamond studs, Porthos gets into a duel with a fellow diner at the inn.
  • D’Artagnan later learns from the innkeeper that Porthos was annihilated in the duel, but allows Porthos to brag about his victory.
  • Porthos and his friends head back to Paris. They receive word that they have to outfit themselves for war.
  • Porthos immediately goes hunting for his rich mistress, and, by playing on her jealousy, manages to wheedle the necessary money from her.
  • Porthos accompanies D’Artagnan to the convent where Constance is staying.
  • Porthos bears witness at Milady’s trial.
  • He refuses the commission to become Lieutenant Musketeer when D’Artagnan asks. He is going to become a married man. His mistress’s husband has died.