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The Three Musketeers Steaminess Rating

Exactly how steamy is this story?

R for its treacherous nature

Very James Bond, now that we think about it. Sex one night, fights to the death on the next. D’Artagnan seduces Milady’s maid, then sleeps with Milady pretending to be someone else, and then sleeps with Milady as himself. Of course, once Milady finds out she’s been tricked, she gets nasty.

Still, Milady isn’t exactly an innocent victim. She knows her power to attract men, and technically, she was also two-timing D’Artagnan…in her mind, she was sleeping with the Comte de Wardes and then D’Artagnan. Then there was her sexual/religious seduction of John Felton. Don’t tell us sex didn’t play a role – her story of a fake rape drove him to such an angry fever pitch that he killed the Duke of Buckingham.

See what we mean when we call this sex treacherous?

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