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Thrym Photos

My Lovely Bride
I was lucky enough to marry the most beautiful woman in Asgard. It didn't hurt that I stole Thor's hammer to trade for her… hey, whatever it takes! [Painting by John Bauer (1882 – 1919)]

On Her Wedding Day
Strangely, when she arrived for the ceremony, Freyja didn't look anything like her pictures… hmmm. [Thor and Loki in Thrymskvitha by Carl Larsson and Gunnar Forsell, in The Poetic Edda, Fredrik Sander, ed. 1893]

The Wedding Feast
The feast was going super well! Freyja seemed a little shy, but that's normal for a bride, right? [Thrym's Wedding Feast in the Elder or Poetic Edda, W.G. Collingwood, ed. 1908, p. 127.]

An Unpleasant Surprise
Turns out, my "bride" was really Thor in disguise. Oops. [Thor Destroys the Giant Thrym by Lorenz Froelich in Teutonic Mythology, Vol II, Viktor Rydberg, ed. 1906, p. 456.]

New Horse!
Just added this lovely stud to my herd. Hoping to have some Fjord horse foals come spring… [Personal photo uploaded by Wikimedia commons user Kersti Nebelsiek]

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