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Thrym's Wall


Life is good. I have the best of everything. Lots of bling, plenty of horses and dogs, my very own hall… the only thing I'm missing is a wife.


Any lucky giantesses catch your eye?

I'm thinking bigger than that. I am a king, after all. And that one goddess,
Freyja, is pretty hot.

Don't hold your breath. She's totally stuck up, like all the Aesir. She'd never agree to marry a giant.

Who says she has to agree?

Middle Earthling

Hey Thrym, I'm looking to unload some Fjord horses from this year's foaling season. I've got some pretty nice potential studs. You interested?

Maybe. I've been thinking about adding some Fjord horses to my herd of Icelandics. Keep me posted.


Have you seen this?!


We look totally studly. Sweet!

Yeah, but why does that namby-pamby mama's boy Thor always get to be the hero? It's annoying.


Thrym, do you have a cauldron I could borrow? I'm having a party tomorrow.

Yeah, but I'm not giving it to you. You're far too friendly with the Aesir for my taste.


Really Thrym, they're not so bad.

OK, I admit, the goddesses are beautiful. I wouldn't mind getting to know the ladies a bit better… but the rest of them are awful.
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Thrym's Sister

Brother, you have got to keep your dogs out of the mead hall. Those puppies aren't housebroken. It took the servants three hours to clean up the mess!

But they were scared by the thunderstorm!

Thrym's Sister

Honestly. I don't have to run your household, you know. One day I'll get married myself, and then where will you be?

I know, I know. Really, I'm sorry.

Check it out! Icelandic sheepdogs at the Westminster Dog Show! Maybe next year I'll enter a few of mine…

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