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The Time Machine

The Time Machine


by H.G. Wells

The Narrator / Hillyer Timeline and Summary

  • The narrator attends one of the Time Traveller's Thursday-night dinner parties and hears the discussion about time travel. He's not entirely convinced by the Time Traveller's demonstration of a model time machine.
  • On Friday the narrator runs into the Medical Man at the Linnaean Society in London. The Medical Man tells him how he once saw someone else do a similar trick.
  • The narrator attends the Time Traveller's dinner party again the following Thursday and listens to the Time Traveller's story.
  • He shares a cab home with the Editor, who clearly thinks the story is made-up.
  • No one else believes the Time Traveller, but the narrator sort of does.
  • The narrator comes back the next day to talk to the Time Traveller.
  • The Time Traveller is not in the lab, so the narrator examines the Time Machine.
  • He talks to the Time Traveller, then he catches a glimpse of him vanishing.
  • The narrator ponders what it all means.