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The Time Machine

The Time Machine


by H.G. Wells

The Time Traveller Timeline and Summary

  • The Time Traveller discusses his theories and demonstrates his model time machine at his Thursday-night dinner party.
  • The following week he arrives late to his dinner party. He has a story to tell about his time travel adventure.
  • The Time Traveller begins his story: He traveled to the future and saw some interesting things during the trip, like his housekeeper rocketing across the room.
  • He arrives in the year 802,701 to begin his eight-day adventure:
  • Day One: The Time Traveller arrives in a storm and meets the Eloi. He explores the world a bit and finds some strange wells.
  • Night One: He loses the Time Machine and freaks out.
  • Day Two: He calms down and reasons that the Time Machine is inside the White Sphinx. He tries to befriend the Eloi and explore their world, hoping to figure out how to get his Time Machine back.
  • Day Three: In the early morning he sees some unfamiliar creatures. In the afternoon he rescues and befriends Weena.
  • Day Four: While exploring a ruin, he discovers a Morlock and watches it escape down one of the strange wells.
  • Day Five: To postpone having to go down the well, the Time Traveller does more exploring of the countryside. He sees the Palace of Green Porcelain and decides to go there the following day.
  • Day Six: Realizing that he's just putting off the inevitable, the Time Traveller goes down one of the wells. He discovers the creepy and carnivorous Morlocks. He escapes from them and faints.
  • In the afternoon, he starts to think about how to protect himself. He decides to go to the Palace of Green Porcelain, which he hopes might serve as a fortress against the Morlocks.
  • Night Six: While Weena sleeps on a hill, the Time Traveller observes the stars. He comes to the realization that the Morlocks eat Eloi.
  • Day Seven: The Time Traveller explores the palace and finds some possible tools for self-defense: a club, some matches, and camphor. They start to travel back to the White Sphinx.
  • Night Seven: Night falls while they're in a forest. The Time Traveller starts a fire, which later gets out of control. The Morlocks attack, but the Time Traveller fights them off and sets another fire. Then he falls asleep.
  • When he wakes up, his fire is out, the Morlocks are attacking again, and Weena is gone. The first forest fire is coming to get them.
  • He runs and spends the night in a clearing, with the forest fire all around him.
  • Day Eight: The Time Traveller makes his way back to the White Sphinx, which is open. He gets his Time Machine and fights off the Morlocks long enough to escape.
  • He goes forward in time and sees a beach with some monstrous crab and butterfly creatures on it.
  • He escapes the crabs and goes more than 30 million years into the future, where all life has vanished except for some creature that looks like a black rock.
  • He goes back to his time and tells his dinner guests this story.
  • The next day, the Time Traveller sees the unnamed narrator (possibly Hillyer) before venturing off again into time.