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1. Who said, "This is why I love to be drawn by Clare: when she looks at me with that kind of attention, I feel that I am everything to her."?→Henry
2. Who said, "When I was growing up Henry came and went […] so I always had this intense, unsatisfied feeling. When I finally found him in the present, […] Henry is constantly touching me, kissing me, making love to me. […] And he tells me things! […] But the best thing of all is that […] I know where to find him."?→Clare
3. Who "had the most marvelous voice… she could express her soul with that voice… whenever I listened to her I felt like my life meant more than mere biology… she was a very emotional person… She brought that out in other people."?→Annette
4. Who was named after "a white fortress on a hill"?→Alba
5. Who said, "I thought free will had to do with sin."?→Clare
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