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Tiresias's Wall


Things aren't going to end well.

For who?


Why don't you ever report any good news?

It just doesn't get the same ratings.


Thinking of you, Mom.

You can call me Dad now.


But you were a woman when you had me…

Well, now I'm a man. So, if you wouldn't mind...


Why is life so confusing?

You're a seer too, shouldn't you be able to figure that out?


I've been trying.

Sometimes I feel so useless.

Come on, cheer up little buddy!

But hardly anybody ever paid attention to my prophecies.

That was their fault.

Really, though? It was the Fates who decided what would happen to them. What's the point of knowing the future if you can't change it?

I hate it when you get like this.

Seriously, sometimes being a seer feels like a useless profession.

I liked you much better as a woman.

I wonder what my life would've been like if I'd never been blinded.

Perhaps you would know if you didn't make it a practice to peep on bathing goddesses.

You know that was an accident.

Maybe I behaved unwisely, but at least I gave you the gift of prophecy.

Nonsense, Athena. I gave Tiresias the power of foresight after my cranky wife took his sight from him.

He deserved it!

I'm certain that I'm the one who made him blind and gave him his power.

Ridiculous. I'm the god of prophecy, and he's my priest. Clearly, his powers come from me.

Whatevs... Tiresias, settle this once and for all.

I don't really remember.

Stupid mortal.

Hey, I'm all about the future, not the past.

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