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Aaron Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: A prisoner of war, Aaron is paraded through the streets of Rome along with Tamora and some Goth prisoners.
  • 2.1: After being set free, Aaron delivers a soliloquy (a long speech revealing a character's innermost thoughts). He says he's psyched that Tamora is now a powerful empress. She's his love slave, which means that Aaron is now powerful enough to destroy Rome.
  • 2.1: Aaron hears Demetrius and Chiron bickering over who should get to court the newly married Lavinia. Aaron convinces the brothers that they should rape her in the forest while everyone else is out hunting.
  • 2.3: Aaron hides a bag of gold under a tree in the woods. When Tamora shows up and wants to make out, Aaron says he's too busy thinking about vengeance to have sex with her. Aaron gives Tamora a forged letter and instructs her to give it to Saturninus. He then runs off when he sees Lavinia and Bassianus approaching.
  • 2.3: Aaron sends Demetrius and Chiron to the place in the forest where Tamora, Lavinia, and Bassianus are standing so they can rape Lavinia.
  • 2.3: Aaron lures Quintus and Mutius to a pit in the forest where Demetrius and Chiron have dumped Bassianus's dead body. When Martius falls in, Aaron runs off and fetches Saturninus.
  • 2.3: Back at the pit, Aaron watches his plot unfold – Saturninus sees his brother's dead body and reads the forged letter that makes it look like Quintus and Mutius paid a woodsman to kill Bassianus. Aaron is all "Aha – here's the bag of gold to prove it!"
  • 3.1: At Titus's house, Aaron lops off Titus's hand after duping Titus into believing that Saturninus will free Martius and Quintus if Titus sacrifices a limb.
  • 4.2: Aaron discovers that Saturninus's wife, Tamora, has given birth to his son. He kills Tamora's nurse so the woman can't tell anyone about it.
  • 4.2: Aaron hatches a plan to substitute a white baby for his black son so the emperor won't know Tamora has been cheating.
  • 4.2: Aaron takes his baby to the forest, where he plans to raise it to be a warrior.
  • 5.1: Aaron is captured and confesses to everything so the Romans won't hang his son in a tree.
  • 5.3: Aaron is sentenced to be buried up to his chest in the ground, where he'll be left to die.