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Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus


by William Shakespeare

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Titus Andronicus Characters

Meet the Cast

Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus is a general and a war hero who has just returned to Rome after a ten-year battle against the Goths. Titus gets into a vicious cycle of revenge with Tamora (Queen of the Goths tur...


"Aaron the Moor" is Tamora's secret lover and the diabolical mastermind behind the plot to destroy the Andronicus family. He's also, in our humble opinion, the play's most fascinating character....


Tamora is the Queen of the Goths turned Roman Empress. After Titus ritually sacrifices her eldest son, Tamora makes it her mission in life to make Titus and his family suffer. She accomplishes th...


Lavinia is the virtuous daughter of Titus Andronicus. Like Hamlet's Ophelia, Lavinia is the quintessential "good girl," which – in the 16th century when Shakespeare was writing – meant chaste,...

Young Lucius

The son of Lucius, Young Lucius is Titus's grandson and Lavinia's nephew. He appears in only a few scenes in the play, but these appearances occur at crucial moments in the plot.It's during Young...

Demetrius and Chiron

Demetrius and Chiron are Tamora's wicked sons. They kill Bassianus and then viciously rape and mutilate Lavinia in the woods after Aaron and Tamora encourage them to do so.Demetrius and Chiron are...

Quintus and Martius

Quintus and Martius (not to be confused with Mutius) are Titus's sons. They are framed for Bassianus's murder and executed.Martius and Quintus are an obvious foil for some of the other pairs of br...


Mutius is one of Titus's sons. Although he survives Rome's long war with the Goths, he's killed (by his own father!) on the day of his return home, when he tries to help Bassianus run off with Lav...


Alarbus is Tamora's eldest son and a Goth prisoner of war. Since Alarbus is the "proudest prisoner," he's chosen as the victim for the Romans' ritual sacrifice (1.1). Alarbus doesn't have a speak...
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