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Lavinia Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Lavinia welcomes her father home from a long war with the Goths.
  • 1.1: Titus arranges to have Lavinia married to Saturninus.
  • 1.1: Lavinia is carried off by Bassianus, who claims to be engaged to Lavinia.
  • 1.1: Off-stage, Lavinia marries Bassianus in a double wedding ceremony shared by Tamora and Saturninus.
  • 2.3: Lavinia and Bassianus catch Tamora in the forest with Aaron. Lavinia makes some cracks about Tamora being with a "Moor" and making a cuckold out of her new husband.
  • 2.3: Lavinia watches Chiron and Demetrius murder her husband and is raped by the same men, who cut out her tongue and chop off her hands so she can't incriminate them.
  • 2.4: Lavinia is discovered wandering around the forest like a wounded animal. She stands bleeding while Marcus delivers a long speech about how terrible her wounds are.
  • 3.1: Unable to name her attackers, Lavinia is consoled by her father, Titus.
  • 4.1: By pointing to one of her nephew's story books (the story of Philomel in Ovid's Metamorphoses), Lavinia reveals that she has been raped.
  • 4.1: Lavinia holds a staff (a stick or cane) in her mouth and spells out the names of the rapists, Demetrius and Chiron.
  • 5.2: Lavinia watches as her father cuts Chiron and Demetrius's throats. With her stumps, Lavinia holds a bowl to catch the blood so her dad can use it to make a human meat pie for dinner.
  • 5.3: At a dinner banquet, Lavinia is killed by Titus, who says he wants her "shame" and his "sorrow" to die along with her.