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Titus Andronicus Revenge Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Riverside edition.

Quote #10

Die, frantic wretch, for this accursed deed!


Can the son's eye behold his father bleed?

There's meed for meed, death for a deadly deed! (5.3.8)

Like all revenge tragedies, Titus Andronicus ends in a complete bloodbath that leaves the tragic hero (Titus) and a lot of other characters dead on stage.

Quote #11

Now is my turn to speak. Behold this child:

Pointing to the Child in the arms of an Attendant

Of this was Tamora delivered;
The issue of an irreligious Moor,
Chief architect and plotter of these woes:
The villain is alive in Titus' house,
And as he is, to witness this is true.
Now judge what cause had Titus to revenge
These wrongs, unspeakable, past patience,
Or more than any living man could bear.
Now you have heard the truth, what say you, Romans?
Have we done aught amiss,--show us wherein,
And, from the place where you behold us now,
The poor remainder of Andronici
Will, hand in hand, all headlong cast us down.
And on the ragged stones beat forth our brains,
And make a mutual closure of our house.
Speak, Romans, speak; and if you say we shall,
Lo, hand in hand, Lucius and I will fall. (5.3.3)

This is weird. After all the revenge-fuelled violence that leaves Lavinia, Titus, Tamora, and Saturninus dead on stage, Marcus hold up Aaron and Tamora's baby as "proof" that the Andronicus family was justified in killing the emperor and his wife. What's up with that?

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