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To a Skylark

To a Skylark


by Percy Bysshe Shelley

To a Skylark Resources


An Online Gallery of Shelley's Stuff

Here's a really cool website full of info about the author and his life. It has copies of letters he wrote, pictures of him, even an image of his baby rattle! Definitely worth a look.

All About Glow-Worms

Everything you ever wanted to know about glow-worms but were scared to ask! This is actually a really cool page about the critter that makes a cameo in this poem in lines 46-50.

Isn't It Romantic?

If you mean that poem, it sure is! But not in the way you're thinking. Check out this helpful overview of the Romantic movement in literature, in which Shelley was a key player.


An Actual Skylark

Once you've read all about Shelley's skylark, take a look at this short video of the real thing. It's actually a lot cuter than you might expect.

Shelley, In Brief

Check out this short, but intense documentary.

Aretha Franklin Singing "Skylark"

Okay, you caught us, this doesn't have anything to do with Shelley's poem—it just has the same title. Still, it's a great video of a classy lady, so we think you oughta check it out!


Glenn Close Reads "To a Skylark"

We're not really sure why she read this poem, actually. But she's awesome, and this poem is awesome. So, naturally this recording is awesome.

The Song of the Skylark

Since it's such an important part of the poem, it's fun to listen to the complex and beautiful song of the skylark. Here's a long recording with some good pictures tossed in as a bonus.


A Famous Portrait of Shelley

This is one of just a few portraits of Shelley. It was painted just before he died by an art student named Amelia Curran.

The Shelley Memorial

A beautiful (and maybe slightly creepy) sculpture at University College Oxford, dedicated to the memory of PBS (the poet, not the Public Broadcasting System).

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