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To Althea, from Prison

To Althea, from Prison


by Richard Lovelace

To Althea, from Prison Resources


Lovelace Bio

Check out a short biography of Lovelace.

Lovelace's Poems

This page contains links to all of Lovelace's poems.

The Cavalier Poets

This site is devoted to the Cavalier Poets of the seventeenth century, of which Richard Lovelace was one.

The English Civil War

Here's a great overview of the conflict of which Lovelace was a part.


Animated Reading

A (pretty creepy) animated drawing reads the poem in an accent that mimics the way people spoke in England "back then."

Fairport Convention Does Lovelace

Here's a British folk-rock group's Lovelace-inspired song, from their album Nine (1973). Rock on!


Barnaby Reads

Here's an accomplished reading by one Barnaby Edwards.

Once Again, with the Words

Here's a reading that allows you to follow along!


Armored All

Check out this famous painting of Lovelace, with his armor on.

Lovelace, in Black and White

Here's another drawing of Lovelace.

King Charles I and his Wife

Here's a painting of Charles I—whom Lovelace supported during the English Civil War—and his wife, Henrietta of France.

Lucy Sacheverell

This drawing is of the woman that may have been "Althea" and Lovelace's fiancée.


"To Althea, from Prison"

Own the poem—in the flesh!

Cavalier Collection

Need more Cavalier poetry? Well, look no further!

Movies & TV

The Devil's Whore

Sorry, gang. We didn't think up the title. At any rate, check out this mini-series on what life was like for English folks during the English Civil War and Lovelace's time.

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