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To Autumn

To Autumn


by John Keats

To Autumn Resources


The Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation's site is notable mostly for its solid collections of poems.

The Life of John Keats

A deliciously detailed biography of Keats.


The site contains a short biography of Keats and a selection of some of his most famous poems, including a recording of a reading of "To Autumn."


"To Autumn"
Beautiful photographs of autumn accompany a very British reading of the poem.


Soundings: "To Autumn"
Four different writers read "To Autumn," with an introduction by the essayist Sven Birkerts.



An illustration to Keats's "To Autumn" by the artist W.J. Neatby.

Cider Makin'

Ever wondered what a cider press looks like? Well, we're going to show you anyway.

Historical Documents

In His Own Hand

The original manuscript of Keats's "To Autumn," as well as his other Great Odes.

Selected Letters

Keats was an extraordinarily eloquent letter writer. You can read some of his letters here.


The Odes of John Keats, by Helen Vendler

Yes, it's possible to write a nearly 350-page book on a small collection of odes. Vendler's book is a classic work of literary criticism.

Keats, by Andrew Motion

The biographer Andrew Motion pays close attention to the historical context of the Romantic movement in this work on Keats.

Movies & TV

Bright Star, 2009

This recent film focuses on the love story between John Keats and his fiancée, Fanny Brawne.

Dead Poets Society

The irreverent English teacher played by Robin Williams in this film is named John Keating. Get it?

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