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To Brooklyn Bridge

To Brooklyn Bridge


by Hart Crane

To Brooklyn Bridge Resources


The Poetry Foundation: Hart Crane

Includes many poems, articles, lectures, and a biography. A great place to start.

Modern American Poetry

Crane's poetry can be very difficult, so stop here to read what critics have said about his work, and to explore Crane's ideas about how poetry should work.


"The Bridge"

A short, very cool video that matches words and images to Crane's most famous poem.

"To Brooklyn Bridge"

The reading is a bit stuffy, and we're not sure why they used a guy with a British accent for an American poet, but you get some interesting old images of Crane and the Brooklyn Bridge.


Selected Poems

A selection of professional readings of Crane's poems can be downloaded for free, including the well-known "Repose of Rivers."

Yale University Lecture

Hear one of the literary lights at Yale illuminate Crane's The Bridge in this free online lecture.


"Brooklyn Bridge" Painting

The Brooklyn Bridge has inspired much great art, from Crane's poem to this painting by Joseph Stella.

Hart Crane

An image of Crane looking very sophisticated in a suit.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A classic angle of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most photographed bridges in the world.

Historical Documents

Excerpts from Hart Crane's Letters

These letters offer a small window into the mind of the poet.

Brooklyn Bridge Construction

Check out old images from around the time of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the great engineering feats of its time.


Hart Crane: The Contexts of 'The Bridge'

This book offers an in-depth, scholarly analysis of Crane's most famous (and famously difficult) poem. Great for college and more advanced students.

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