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Ben Jonson's page on Luminarium.org includes a bio, some of his writings, essays on his work, and more.

At Westminster Abbey

Ben Jonson is buried at Westminster's Abbey's Poet's Corner.  Read a bit about his life and also his grave. Weirdly, he was buried standing in an upright position


A discussion of the different people named Philostratus. One of these Philostratuses (Philostrati?) was the guy who wrote the letters Jonson based "To Celia" on.

Set to Music

Singing "To Celia"

A guy, a girl, and a woodwind specialist jam "To Celia."

Johnny Cash Sings "To Celia"

The Man in Black does a great, somber, country-ish version of "To Celia." This is really awesome.

Elizabeth Schwarzkopf Sings "To Celia"

A very operatic and beautiful performance of "To Celia."

Operative Version of "To Celia"

Another beautiful operatic version of the song with a pretty picture of a rose accompanying.

Read Out Loud

A Reading of "To Celia"

Some old guy reads "To Celia" in a good poetry-reading voice.


Ben Jonson

A famous painting of Jonson, probably around middle age.

Lady Mary Wroth

The woman who may have inspired "To Celia."

Jonson's Grave

A picture of Ben Jonson's headstone in Westminster Abbey.

A Jonson Manuscript

Some poems written in Jonson's own hand.

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