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Song to Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes")

Song to Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes")


by Ben Jonson

Song to Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes") Resources



Ben Jonson's page on Luminarium.org includes a bio, some of his writings, essays on his work, and more.

At Westminster Abbey

Ben Jonson is buried at Westminster's Abbey's Poet's Corner.  Read a bit about his life and also his grave. Weirdly, he was buried standing in an upright position


A discussion of the different people named Philostratus. One of these Philostratuses (Philostrati?) was the guy who wrote the letters Jonson based "To Celia" on.

Set to Music

Singing "To Celia"

A guy, a girl, and a woodwind specialist jam "To Celia."

Johnny Cash Sings "To Celia"

The Man in Black does a great, somber, country-ish version of "To Celia." This is really awesome.

Elizabeth Schwarzkopf Sings "To Celia"

A very operatic and beautiful performance of "To Celia."

Operative Version of "To Celia"

Another beautiful operatic version of the song with a pretty picture of a rose accompanying.

Read Out Loud

A Reading of "To Celia"

Some old guy reads "To Celia" in a good poetry-reading voice.


Ben Jonson

A famous painting of Jonson, probably around middle age.

Lady Mary Wroth

The woman who may have inspired "To Celia."

Jonson's Grave

A picture of Ben Jonson's headstone in Westminster Abbey.

A Jonson Manuscript

Some poems written in Jonson's own hand.

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