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Song to Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes")

Song to Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes")


by Ben Jonson

Analysis: Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Ben Jonson murdered a fellow actor – one Gabriel Spencer – in a duel in 1597. He did some hard time for that one, but eventually got out and continued to write (source).

Ben Jonson wrote a play called Sejanus, His Fall in 1603, which angered the authorities. He had to go to prison again. He was imprisoned earlier in his life for his involvement with another satirical work (this was before the murder conviction) (source).

Ben Jonson worked as a bricklayer for a brief period (source).

Ben Jonson was buddies with William Shakespeare, though the exact details of their friendship are difficult to determine (source).

Shakespeare acted in one of Jonson's plays, called Every Man in His Humour (source).

Jonson was buried standing up in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner (that's where you buried if you're a really awesome and respected English writer). He's the only guy there to be buried in an upright position. The words "O Rare Ben Jonson!" are written on his gravestone (source).

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