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To Helen

To Helen


by Edgar Allan Poe

To Helen Resources


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Poe

A biography of Edgar Allan Poe written in 1941. We dare you to read all of it.

Read It All (or Most of It!) Here!

Here's a site with e-texts for most of Poe's works.

CSI Investigates

This is a website that examines Poe's death and the theories people have proposed.

CSI, Part 2

Check out these links to primary sources about Poe's death.

The Dead Edgar Allan Poe

Here's Poe's page at the Poet's Graves site.

Ever Think About Growing Some Hyacinths?

This site discusses how to raise this legendary flower.


Tom Hanks is the Man

Mr. Hanks recites the poem in the not-so-stellar movie Ladykillers.

Here's Poe, If He Could Have Recorded Himself

This is a neat (or creepy, or both) animation of "Edgar Allan Poe" reciting Hanks' reading of the poem (see the link above for the original reading).

Slides n' Such

Here's a… reading, with some classical artwork to ponder while you listen.


A Solid Reading

Enjoy this interpretation, with some student slides to watch while you're at it.

The Long Version is Here!

A man reads the other (and much longer) poem called "To Helen," written much later.


Edgar, Edgar, Edgar

Here's the most famous photo (daguerreotype) of Poe ever.

The Lovely Jane

This is a painting of the woman Poe loved as a teenager and who inspired his poem.

Where Poe Used to be Buried

This headstone marks the original site of Poe's grave (it was later moved).

Pretty Flowers!

Here's a picture of several different-colored hyacinths.

Articles and Interviews

A Poe Obituary

Here are scans of Poe's obituary in the Richmond newspaper.

Movies & TV

John Cusack! Is! Edgar! Allan! Poe!

IMDB entry for The Raven, a semi-fictional movie about Poe.

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