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To Lucasta, Going to the Wars
To Lucasta, Going to the Wars
by Richard Lovelace

To Lucasta, Going to the Wars Resources

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Lovelace's Lucasta Poems

Looking for them all? Luminarium's got the goods.

Lovelace in the House

Bonus! Luminarium's got a whole section of the site devoted to Lovelace, with poems, links, and a bio to boot.

Cavalier Poets

Learn about Lovelace and his poetic pals.

The English Civil War

Yeah, it went on for quite a while.


A Reading of "To Lucasta"

Some old guy reads the poem, with the text included.

"To Althea, from Prison"

Maybe Lovelace isn't two-timing Lucasta with war, but with Althea.


Richard Lovelace

Lovin' the face.

King Charles I and his Wife

Before decapitation.



In all her glory.

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