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To the Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse


by Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse Part 3, Chapter 12 Summary

  • Mr. Ramsay is almost finished with his book. He is reading quickly, as if eager to finish.
  • They’re almost at the Lighthouse.
  • James looks at the Lighthouse. Cam looks at the sea.
  • Mr. Ramsay closes his book and tells his children that it’s time for lunch.
  • Macalister praises James’s steering.
  • Mr. Ramsay hands out sandwiches.
  • Cam feels good. She feels safe now that her father is keeping an eye on her.
  • Macalister and Mr. Ramsay compare stories, since they are 75 and 71 years old, respectively.
  • Macalister’s boy points out where three men drowned.
  • Cam and James are afraid for a moment that Mr. Ramsay will burst out with lines from a poem.
  • Mr. Ramsay praises James’s sailing, and Cam mentally congratulates James, because she knows this is what he’s been waiting for.
  • James holds himself aloof. He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s pleased.
  • Two men stand waiting at the Lighthouse for them. Mr. Ramsay takes out the parcel Nancy prepared.
  • Mr. Ramsay tells his children to bring the parcels for the Lighthouse men and then springs up onto the rock like a young man.

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