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To the Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse


by Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who is described? "To her son these words conveyed an extraordinary joy, as ... if it were settled, the expedition were bound to take place, and the wonder to which he had looked forward, for years and years it seemed, was, after a night’s darkness and a day’s sail, within touch." -> James Ramsay
2. Who criticized, "But beauty was not everything. Beauty had this penalty — it came too readily, came too completely. It stilled life — froze it."? -> Lily Briscoe
3. Looking at the far sand hills, who "thought of Ramsay: thought of a road in Westmorland, thought of Ramsay striding along a road by himself hung round with that solitude which seemed to be his natural air"? -> William Bankes
4. Mrs. Ramsay exulted when who "shuffled past"? -> William Bankes
5. Who is descirbed? "Sitting alone (for Nancy went out again) among the clean ... cups at the long table, she felt cut off from other people, and able only to go on watching, asking, wondering." -> Lily Briscoe