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To the Memory of My Beloved

To the Memory of My Beloved


by Ben Jonson

To the Memory of My Beloved Resources


Two Authors, Both Alike in Dignity…

Here's Jonson and Shakespeare's relationship, spelled out.

Smack Talk

Jonson wasn't always Shakespeare's biggest fan; check out some of these famous literary insults from earlier in his life.

Quotable and Notable

Check out these famous quotes from Jonson. We bet you've heard some of them before.

Death and Dying

A bunch of eulogies about Shakespeare, all organized together, just for you. See how Jonson stacks up.


Live, from the Kennedy Center, it's Ben Jonson!

Not really, but it's someone reading his poetry, which is the second best thing.


Face to a Name

Here's a portrait of Ben Jonson looking, well, like a regular dude.

Good, but not Immortal

We imagine Jonson and Shakespeare's peer editing sessions might have gone down something like this.

Articles & Interviews

Center Stage or Supporting Role?

Here's more on the Jonson/Shakespeare relationship.


True Life: Ben Jonson

Check out this bang-up biography about a pretty impressive dude.

Sweet Swan of Avon! Was Shakespeare a Lady?

We're not sure, but we think this book might argue yes.

Movies & TV

Stick your Hand into The Honey Pot

This flick's inspired by one of Jonson's plays, Volpone.

Your English Teachers May Hate this Movie

But the blockbuster Anonymous has an entertaining, if not scholastically sound, take on the Shakespeare authorship debate.

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