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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


by Mark Twain

Injun Joe Timeline and Summary

  • Injun Joe, Muff Potter, and Dr. Robinson show up at the graveyard one night around midnight.
  • Injun Joe and Muff Potter dig up the corpse of Hoss Williams for the doctor, and then try to extort some money from him.
  • Injun Joe gets punched by Robinson and falls to the ground.
  • After Robinson knocks Muff Potter out with the headboard from Hoss Williams's grave, Joe grabs Potter's knife from the ground and uses it to stab Robinson in the back. He then places the bloody knife in Potter's hand and shakes him awake.
  • Joe tells Potter that he has stabbed Robinson, Potter pleads with him not to tell anyone about what happened. Joe agrees.
  • The next day, Joe blames the killing on Potter. Although some of the townspeople want to kick him out of town, no one has the guts to do it.
  • On the last day of Muff Potter's trial, Tom Sawyer is called to the stand at the last minute. He tells the court that Injun Joe is responsible for the murder. Injun Joe flees before anyone can stop him.
  • Time passes. Tom and Huck run into Injun Joe at the "haunted" house. Turns out Injun Joe has been going around town disguised as a "deef and dumb Spaniard."
  • Injun Joe and his accomplice find a chest filled with gold coins hidden under the floorboards. They decide to hide it at "No. 2, under the cross" while Injun Joe takes care of some unfinished business.
  • Tom finds Injun Joe passed out on the floor of a mysterious room at the back of the Temperance Tavern.
  • Huck follows Injun Joe and his accomplice as they leave the mysterious room.
  • Joe stops outside of the Widow Douglas's home and tells his partner that he's going to get his revenge by attacking her. They have to wait until the lights in the house are off, so they can be sure no one is visiting.
  • The Welshman and his boys send Injun Joe and his accomplice running into the woods.
  • While stuck in the cave, Tom sees Injun Joe.
  • Injun Joe is found dead by the newly-sealed entrance to the cave.