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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


by Mark Twain

Joe Harper Timeline and Summary

  • Joe meets up with Tom and the two lead their competing "armies" into battle, then sit down and watch them fight. Tom's army wins.
  • One day in class, Joe and Tom play with a tick that Tom has taken out of his pocket, but the two boys are caught and punished.
  • Having been punished by his mother for drinking some cream, Joe goes off into the woods to sulk. He runs into Tom Sawyer there, and the two boys decide to become pirates and live on Jackson's Island. Once there, they play games, swim, etc. They figure out that the people back home think they're dead. Joe gets homesick, as does Huck, but Tom convinces them to stay on and participate in their secret scheme. After weathering a terrible thunderstorm, the boys go back home in time to appear at their own funeral.
  • Joe and Tom head back to school, where they're treated like heroes.
  • Over the summer, Joe, like all the other boys, Tom excepted, finds religion, then loses it just as quickly. That's the last we hear of him.