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Treasure Island

Treasure Island


by Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island Chapter 14 Summary

The First Blow

  • Jim looks around himself: the island is marshy and uninhabited.
  • He comes across a glade of trees.
  • He hears a rustle from a surprised bird and assumes that his shipmates are about to appear.
  • He hides in a tree and listens.
  • Two people are talking: Long John Silver and a sailor named Tom.
  • Long John Silver is explaining something to Tom – it's unclear what.
  • Tom answers: Silver, you're a brave, smart, rich guy – why would you follow the words of this bunch of low-lives?
  • Tom's answer is interrupted by a scream off in the distance.
  • Tom jumps and reaches out his hand to Long John Silver.
  • Long John Silver leaps backwards out of reach and demands that Tom keep his hands off.
  • Tom tells Long John Silver he must be feeling guilty about something, to be so afraid of Tom.
  • Tom asks what that sound was.
  • Long John Silver doesn't sound upset at all when he says it must have been Alan.
  • Tom says Alan was a true sailor and tells Long John Silver he won't join Silver's group even if it means his death.
  • Tom turns around and sets off for the beach.
  • Long John Silver grabs a branch and hits Tom across the back, then stabs him twice.
  • Jim faints.
  • When Jim comes to, he sees Long John Silver pull a whistle out of his pocket and blow a series of notes as some kind of signal.
  • Jim grows frightened and crawls away.
  • Jim is lost and too afraid to go back to the ship.
  • He thinks he's either going to starve to death on the island or be murdered by the mutineers.
  • Jim has reached a hillier, more thickly forested part of the island.
  • Something makes him stand stock still, his heart beating quickly.

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