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Trigonometric Functions Resources


The Math Page: Trigonometry

If you like to hear stories with more than one character's viewpoint, then this math page is for you. It will go over it all again with a different approach.

S.O.S. Math: Solving Trigonometric Equations

All the regular trig stuff, but it also has a really good section on solving trigonometric equations. It's also got some solid practice problems with detailed solutions.

Trigonometry Help

Love jokes? Or history? This site is loaded with trig jokes, trig history, and all the regular trig stuff, too.


Basic Trigonometry

A basic introduction to trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, and tangent. (Not to mention some quality classical tunes.)

Pythagorean Rap

Pythagoras would be proud. You're welcome, world.


You'll find more trig than you can shake a stick at here.

Games and Tools

Trig and Playgrounds

Explore angles in project T.R.I.G. You won't be disappointed.

Games and Trig? Yes, Please.

Calling all crossword puzzle lovers. This is for you.

Fun with the Unit Circle

Around and around we go. Sine, cosine, and tangent are graphed as you rotate around the unit circle. You can see all three at once—in color.

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