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Troilus and Cressida Act 5, Scene 6 Summary

  • Ajax and Diomedes run around calling out for Troilus to show his face. So they can smash it in.
  • They bicker about who gets to fight him, until Troilus gets fed up and says that he'll take them both on at the same time.Seriously?
  • Maybe not a good move, dude. They fight their way off the stage as Achilles and Hector show up, going at it with their swords.
  • Hector is getting the better of Achilles and offers to let the guy take a break. This is such a weird battle, you guys.
  • Achilles talks some trash and says something like "I'll be back" as he runs off.
  • Troilus runs back on stage and says that Ajax has captured Aeneas. He promises to rescue him and runs off.
  • Next, an armored Greek soldier shows up, takes one look at Hector, and hightails it out of there.
  • Hector says he really likes the guy's armor and wouldn't mind having it in his trophy case. Then he runs after the shiny trophy.

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