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Cressida Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2: Cressida chills with her servant and scopes out the soldiers returning home from the battlefield.
  • 1.2: She tells her uncle Pandarus she's not interested in Troilus but later confesses to us that she's in love with him and has been playing hard to get.
  • 3.2: Cressida invites Troilus into her house and declares she'll be faithful to him forever and ever.
  • 3.2: The two lovebirds spend the night together.
  • 4.2: A bunch of dudes show up to inform Cressida that she's been traded to the Greeks and has to leave her home ASAP.
  • 4.5: When Cressida arrives at the Greek camp, she flirts with the commanders as they take turns kissing her.
  • 5.2: Cressida meets with Diomedes and agrees to become his not-so-secret lover, sealing the deal by giving him a love token that belongs to Troilus.
  •  5.2: Gee, Cressida says. Turns out she feels really bad about betraying Troilus after all.