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Troilus and Cressida
Troilus and Cressida
by William Shakespeare
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Troilus and Cressida Gender Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

Andromache, I am offended with you:
Upon the love you bear me, get you in.

This foolish, dreaming, superstitious girl
Makes all these bodements. (5.3.78-81)

Women just can't win. If they're not slutty like Helen and Cressida, they're superstitious and annoying like Andromache and Cassandra. Remember how Cassandra's prophetic warnings about Troy's imminent downfall are dismissed as the ramblings of a "brain sick" lunatic (2.2.99-101)? Here, Hector blows off Andromache's warnings about his impending death by ordering her to go in the house and be quiet. And make him a sammich while she's at it, all right?

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