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Troilus and Cressida

Troilus and Cressida


by William Shakespeare

Troilus and Cressida Philosophical Viewpoints Quotes

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Quote #10

[...] no man is the lord of any thing, Though in and of him there be much consisting, Till he communicate his parts to others: Nor doth he of himself know them for aught Till he behold them form'd in the applause Where they're extended; (3.3.96-101)

Ulysses wants Achilles to feel worthless so the guy will get back out on the battlefield. That's why he tells him he's reading a book that says a man is only as good as his reputation. (Which, seriously? Achilles falls for this?) If a man doesn't have a lot of friends and admirers to give him props, then he's totally worthless. Clever Ulysses, because this confirms what Achilles already believes.

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