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Troilus Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Troilus returns from the battlefield and declares that he's too in love with Cressida to be involved in some lame war being fought over Helen.
  • 1.1: Our boy begs Pandarus to help him hook up with Cressida, who's been playing hard to get.
  • 2.2: Later, Troilus says at the council meeting that the Trojans should continue to fight for Helen, since it's a matter of "honor" at this point. (We guess he changed his mind.)
  • 3.2: At Cressida's house, he declares his undying love.
  • 3.2: Woohoo! Troilus gets one off-stage night of passion with Cressida.
  • 4.2: The next morning, he finds out Cressida has been traded to the Greeks for a Trojan prisoner of war.
  • 5.2: After Cressida is taken away, Troilus goes to the Greek camp to spy. He hides in the bushes outside her dad's tent.
  • 5.2: Lucky him: he watches as Cressida agrees to sleep with Diomedes. Oh, the agony!
  • 5.3: He and Diomedes fight it out on the battlefield but nobody really wins.
  • 5.10: Troilus is heart-broken again when he learns that Hector has been killed in battle.