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Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Cancer
by Henry Miller
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Tropic of Cancer Friendship Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

We might never have known each other so intimately, Boris and I, had it not been for the lice. (1.2)

Well, there may be stranger ways to get in close with someone—actually, we're not so sure. But leave to Henry to look at the bright side of things. What's a little lice among friends? In fact, sharing the dirty with friends is really all Henry wants.

Quote #2

[Boris] eats in the restaurant out of consideration for me. He says it hurts to eat a big meal and have me watch him. (1.14)

Is Henry taking advantage of his friends? Or is this a true friendship that deserves this kind of one-sided generosity now and again?

Quote #3

[…] it really pains Boris to see me sitting there in the studio with an empty belly. Why he doesn't invite me to lunch with him I don't know (3.1).

Why is Henry so suspicious of everyone's motives? Heck, Boris is putting him, feeding him, and pretty much keeping him alive. Can he really have true friends if he's so cynical?

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