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1. Who said, "Come here, do you see? One of them is playing the guitar; the other is holding a girl in his lap"? -> Boris
2. Who said, "You must make yourself worthy. Sylvester is your God"? -> Sylvester
3. Who said, "My Fanny is the most intelligent woman in the world. I have been searching and searching to find a flaw in her—but there's not one"? -> Sylvester
4. Who said, "All the men she's been with and now you, just you, and barges going by, masts and hulls, the whole damned current of life flowing through you, through her, through all the guys behind you and after you, the flowers and the birds and the sun streaming in and the fragrance of it choking you, annihilating you"? -> Moldorf
5. Who said, "Sure! Sure, I'm in love with her! And what's more, I'm going to be faithful to her"? -> Henry
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