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Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer


by Henry Miller

Tropic of Cancer Resources


Road Trip, Anyone?

Leave it to Henry Miller to have his memorial library in Big Sur, one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

For Dad

This website, created by Miller's daughter, has tons of deets on his life and works. You might want to break out the tissues.

All Miller All the Time

Yep, Henry Miller has his own academic journal.

Miller Walks

Get up close and personal with Miller Parisian way of life.

Tropic of Cancer Fought the Law and Tropic of Cancer won.

This blog has a nice succinct history of all the legal troubles surrounding the oh-so-controversial book.

Movies and TV

Rated X

This 1970 film was rerated in 1992 as NC-17, but still. Yowza.

Articles and Interviews

The Art of Fiction

Check out this great interview in The Paris Review about the business of writing and Miller's own rituals of creation.

George Orwell on Henry Miller

Here's a very enthusiastic discussion and defense of Miller by a fellow writer.


Henry Miller Asleep and Awake (1975)

This 1975 documentary gives us some much needed insight into the life of our author.


In the Flesh

Hear all about Miller's philosophies straight from the horse's mouth.

Remember, It's Rated X

Here's a clip from the 1970 movie adaptation. 70s alert!


New York Times Illustration

Can we get one of these done of Shmoop?

Miller with His Lady

Here's Miller with Anaïs Nin, the inspiration for Tania.

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