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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


by Avi

Captain Jaggery Timeline and Summary

  • Captain Jaggery meets Charlotte, and she's impressed with his gentleman-like manner.
  • Captain Jaggery addresses the crew and inquires after a Mr. Cranick, who is not on board.
  • He invites Charlotte to tea in his cabin.
  • Zachariah reveals to Charlotte that Captain Jaggery, on a previous voyage, beat a man named Mr. Cranick so badly that the guy lost his arm.
  • Zachariah reveals to Charlotte that the crew has a revenge plot against Captain Jaggery.
  • Captain Jaggery hosts tea for Charlotte. He asks her to be his eyes and ears.
  • Captain Jaggery advises Charlotte to keep the dirk.
  • Captain Jaggery kisses Charlotte's hand in front of the crew.
  • Captain Jaggery pushes the crew harder and harder as the Seahawk loses its wind.
  • Captain Jaggery learns from Charlotte of the mutiny brewing on board.
  • Captain Jaggery kills Mr. Cranick.
  • Captain Jaggery is cut by Charlotte's amateur handling of the whip.
  • Captain Jaggery whips Zachariah.
  • Captain Jaggery withdraws his protection of Charlotte.
  • Captain Jaggery heads the Seahawk toward the hurricane… on purpose.
  • The captain charges Charlotte with the murder of Mr. Hollybrass.
  • Zachariah and Charlotte realize that it's the captain who murdered Mr. Hollybrass.
  • Captain Jaggery faces off with Charlotte in his cabin. He confesses to murdering Mr. Hollybrass.
  • Captain Jaggery falls into the sea, never to be seen again.