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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen
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Character Analysis

Bert, Wes's little brother, is one goofy kid. He's got a car—well, an old ambulance—he calls the Bertmobile, and he's obsessed with the coming apocalypse. In his words: "The end of the world is no joke. It's not a matter of if. It's when." (13.73) Not only does the guy watch shows about Armageddon and decorate his room with mega-tsunami posters, he even goes to the annual, statewide Armageddon club social. And the girl he eventually ends up dating? She's an End-of-Worlder, too.


But all Bert wants is to be taken seriously and treated like an adult:

"What kind of impression are you going for?"

Bert thought for a second. "Mature. Intelligent. Handsome." (12.82-83)

Nothin' doin' in that department, though. Wes and Delia still baby him, worrying their pretty little heads about him. But with family like them to watch out for him, we think he'll be just fine.

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