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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 11 Summary

  • Macy's over at Kristy and Monica's place, protesting about going on a triple date with three guys Kristy and Monica met the other day.
  • Kristy's exasperated, complaining that she'll hang out with Wes, but not this guy; but Macy explains that they're just friends, since they're both already in a relationship.
  • This makes Kristy think they're secretly pining for each other, since their love is forbidden. Macy just rolls her eyes at this one.
  • When the guys show up, Macy's date has already puked his guts out and passed out in the backseat, so Macy decides not to come. Good call.
  • Once the other girls leave, Macy wanders around their grandma's garden for a bit and finds an amazing sculpture—another one of Wes's.
  • As she looks at it, Wes comes up behind her, scaring her to death.
  • To apologize, he brings her to the World of Waffles restaurant, which is his special spot to go when he needs inspiration. And he buys her a pencil that smells like syrup. Where can we get us one of those?
  • They talk about his art and their families and how they had both felt like certain things were messages from beyond after their parents died: the EZ Products for Macy, and for Wes, the to-do lists his mom left everywhere.
  • Finally, Wes brings Macy back to Kristy's house, where she's going to spend the night. So, was this, like, a date?
  • Kristy and Monica didn't have a very good time with the guys, so Kristy is totally bummed out.
  • When Macy gets home the next morning, her mom is waiting for her. Uh-oh…
  • She tells her to come talk with her, and Macy's worried she's in trouble like Caroline used to be.
  • They chat about her jobs, and then her mom brings up the real issue: Mrs. Talbot has told her about Jason wanting a break.
  • She's concerned that she's spending too much time with her new friends and not enough focusing on her future.
  • Macy agrees to keep her priorities straight and realizes she still can't tell her mom everything, even though she wants her to.
  • She goes up to her room and finds a package on her bed, along with a note from Caroline explaining that she'd found it at the beach house.
  • It's the IOU Christmas gift—her last gift from her dad. She puts it, still wrapped, in her closet.

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